Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beach Day

We spent the morning in Galveston at the beach. This was Logan's first time in the waves and the first in a long time for Aiden. It was really windy and the tide was in so not the best conditions. The loved the sand. They were used to that but both were very hesitant of the water. It took multiple attempts and games to get them near it and comfortable. Once they were, they didn't want to get out. :)

 Boys carried out by Dad. Not quite ready to walk in.
 Logan stomping the waves. A game we did to get his feet wet.

Having fun!

Very tired boys by the time we were done with lunch. Aiden fell asleep on the way home, walked into the house and was shortly back to sleep.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Month at a Time - April

Here's the April layout.

Supplies: Echo Park; Template - Get it scraped, one month at a time
This month we have been busy with Spring holiday activities and getting our house ready to sell. The boys have had egg hunts, parties and a trip to the zoo. We saw some dragon boat races and toured new homes. We had help moving big pieces of furniture into storage, prepared the house and had most of the rooms painted. Bill's been working on the Soyuz flying out to take a picture while the Shuttle is attached to the Space Station.  

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Twelve on the 12th

Walking down stairs with Daddy  7:53 am

New playtime fun 8:28 am

Watching cartoons after breakfast  8:35 am

Aiden doing spidermans at gymnastics 10:04 am

Logan doing kick-up stand-ups  10:15 am

Nap time/ Game time   1:18 pm

Maybe some rain ???  3:40 pm

plants growing well   3:41 pm

At playgroup  4:12 pm

Logan baking  5:50 pm

5:59 pm

Off to scrapbook 6:40 pm

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

House Project part 1

In getting ready to put our house on the market, we've been doing lots of decluttering and had the inside painted.

My Dad redid the bathroom flooring durning their visit.

Getting ready to move stuff into storage. 

Painting - It took a week to get several rooms painted and all the trim. 

Only the trim painted in here but looks so much better!

Our half bath no longer has wallpaper.

Love the white with our red bathroom.
The house is slowly getting put back together after the painting work. We're also washing the outside of the house, work in the gardens and other little things.
Part 2 coming soon with some after pictures.