Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week In The Life: Saturday

July 30, 2011

Day 7. I must say that I'm glad to be at the end. I couldn't do any more at this pace. Now the real work begins...getting the album put together, going through all these pictures to decide which to use. The end result will make it all worth while. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In The Life: Friday

July 29th
Some favorites from today.
 Hugs bye

 IHOP breakfast.

 So proud of earning a sticker.

Playing Hide and Seek

Dinner at CiCi's

Week In The Life: Thursday

July 28th

big helpers

story time

 picture Aiden took!

 Logan coming down the big slide.

"look mommy"


"I want mommy"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In The Life: Wednesday

July 27, 2011

Yea, I'm up to date on getting pictures on the blog! Today has been my best day so far for taking pictures. I've just had a slow start this time around. I've also had several other things on my to do list to be working on.  I've been taking lots of notes each day so know that it will all come together at the end.

Week In The Life: Tuesday

July 26, 2011

Week In The Life: Monday

July 25, 2011