Monday, December 2, 2013

Grammar-Free Journaling

A class at BPC I took this fall. For this layout I used a graph for my journaling. My pictures of the boys at the different ages really matched up well!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photo Pocket Panel

I tried adding a photo pocket panel to my layout to get extra pictures in after seeing this layout by Aly Dosdall at BPC and probable why I then took her class.

I had 3 groups of pictures from this first day of school but didn't really want to make 3 separate pages. The added 6x12 was just perfect to get them all together.

 Here's the full layout.
 Left side with panel closed
 Left side with panel open.
Right side.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Multi-Photo Solutions

I signed up for the Multi-Photo Solutions workshop at BPC very last minute but thought that more ideas to get through stacks of photos would be good.  Here's my take on a single page layout using multiple photos. 

I really like the interactive part on the left side of the layout but still need to cut slits in a page protector to make it work. 
And since this is a multi-photo class I also added a couple divided page protectors to add several more pictures from this visit. 

 Since I had all my Fall stuff out I continued with more recent Thanksgiving pictures.
I really liked how this turned out but didn't leave a good space for journaling so I included it in the double page layout that follows. 

And a little sneak at some tricks if your scraps are just a bit short. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

This week...

and last were very busy with fun summer activities.
Our first full week of summer was spent at Eco camp at Armand Bayou Nature Center, or at least the mornings were.
This was the first year for both boys to go. They just love it, hikes, fishing, and crafts.

I was also busy with my MOMS Club end of year banquet. I dressed up to Sparkle the Night Away.

Bill loved his basket of goodies from the boys for Father's Day. 

We started summer reading logs, been to library activities and did crafts at home (robots). 

 The boys did their first LEGO Club event and had lots of fun building jails. I think Bill had just as much fun. Aiden's had a web on the door to catch the bad guy if he tried to escape and Logan's was a flying/driving jail.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

This week...

was Aiden's last week of school, his Kindergarten graduation and our start of summer break.

Monday was Aiden's graduation All the Kindergarten students sang several songs as a group and then sat down in front of us to watch a slide show. Aiden happened to sit in front of our seats. We then headed to the classrooms for diplomas and awards.
After the festivities, we took Aiden out of school for the rest of the day and had a fun lunch before Daddy went back to work. 

 The boys did the free LEGO mini build.

 Thursday was Aiden's last day and a half day of school. We meet up with some classmates at a splash pad and the boys had lots of fun.
 A treat to start Summer with. I need lots of decorating practice! but it was very yummy.
 Balloon animals they got while at dinner.

A few layouts

Here are a couple layouts inspired by Shimelle from one of her classes I was going through or a glitter girl video. I've been pulling journaling from my computer to fill in some gaps in Logan's album. I really enjoy this type of page, when I already have the journaling and just need to find pictures to go along with it.

Monday, May 27, 2013

This Week..

and Holiday weekend...
Bill was in Russia and Logan had his last week of school.
Things went well with the boys, we were busy with our usual activities. Logan did have a rough night and got up several times, so when he came down yet again at around 5 am I wasn't getting up. This is the first time he's slept in our bed in a long long time.

I worked on teacher gifts and Logan handed them out on Friday, his last day.

 This weekend we had a going away lunch for friends moving back to Germany, our new office furniture arrived, we finished a puzzle and got much needed new luggage.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

This week...

We had our last Art and Book Club at Aiden's school. Logan won one of the door prizes. The boys had fun making hats.

Logan had his last Chapel at preschool. It was superhero themed so he wore his Spider man shirt and a cape. 

 The boys had Doctor appointments. This was the first time that I made them appointments together. It was nice to only go in once but draining. Logan's was a real quick check and Aiden got his first x-ray (everything is fine).

We got some playtime in with Daddy before his work trip.

Today was a shopping day with the boys. Out of all this, only the Michael's bag in the back is mine and one other item. The boys made a haul. It was good to get the shopping done but wow, what a long day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

NSD 2013 Layouts

I finished 6 layouts this past week for different NSD challenges, five paper and one digital.
Here is my digital page with pictures taken just over a month ago.

This is the first time I really manipulated a template to get the layout how I want. I must be learning some of this digital stuff after all. This one and all the rest of my layouts can be seen here

This Week...

These last two weeks have been very busy around here.

I went with these lovely ladies to serve a meal to Ronald McDonald House. A service project my MOMS Club does every year. It is a wonderful experience that I could not do on my own.

Aiden's school had an Open House. It was neat to see all his classrooms. 

 May the 4th be with you! Bill took the boys to Toys R Us for a special LEGO Star Wars Build. They got the pieces there and put it together at home. I stayed home to participate in chats and challenges for National Scrap booking Day.

Our Cinco de Mayo dinner.

A little bird watching. 

Aiden had his Field Day at school. His class had 6 stations to rotate through.

 Happy mail, thanks to credit card reward points.

Treats from Aiden's Mother's Day Tea.
Bill had come home shortly after I left to get a nap. He's been working lots of hours to fix the leak on the space station.

Mother's Day gifts and a fun weekend full of family time.