Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Balloon

- baby spots balloons on dresser and takes of in that direction

- baby tries one way around mama but is blocked, starts to cry

- baby finds another way around, reaches dresser but can't reach balloons, starts to cry

- baby looks at mama, looks at balloons, looks back at mama and starts to cry

- mama gives in and hands balloon to baby

This is the result:

Happy baby!

Car wash

These pictures are from the weekend before last. We had a nice spell between rains/cold fronts and Bill decided to wash my car with the help of Aiden. He got new sponges, one of which was for Aiden. Aiden had a great time "helping" daddy. Later that week he was asking when they would wash the car again and would mention the sponge drying in the garage when we passed it. Wonder if this fondness will mean a cleaner car for me this summer.:)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Here are some recent short videos of Logan.

Crawling now!

I think Logan is more into Aiden's clock right now then Aiden is. :)

Yea I know, he's pretty cute!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dinosaur Cake

The making of Dinosaur Cake

Step 1: pull all the supplies needed

Step 2: prep baker
Step 3: mix batter
Step 4: pour into cool, new, heavily greased pan
Step 5: bake till done
Step 6: remove from pan and cool

Step 7: take a break and attend a baby shower
Step 8: decorate with hubby
Step 9 : well this would be enjoy, but since it was late we waited till the next day, except I was getting a scratchy throat and later the shakes and woke up with a cold. Aiden enjoyed them immensely but I kept forgetting to get a picture of him devouring a piece.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Logan - 10 months

Logan is just a couple days shy of 10 months. Here's what he's doing:

First off he pulled himself to his feet today!

He's been developing his motor skills of late. Sat himself up on 12/30, crawled on hands and knees 1/10 though he still prefers the army crawl, pulled to knees on 1/12 and now on his feet today. He's getting into everything!

Says "ba ba ba" all the time
plays peek-a-boo
plays with toys on his own and with Aiden
sleeps really well and eats good
is learning to drink form a cup...likes juice!
still drooling constantly but no sign of teeth yet.

A side note, Aiden is all excited for his party on the 31st. Dino themed of course.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holiday Highlight LO

Here is another layout(LO) from my class which is also a Holiday highlight.:)

(Layout and concept provided by Cathy Zielske, Design Your Life workshop at,Supplies cardstock:unknown; SEI)

Just a few pics of the boy's gifts. They had lots of fun opening them. Aiden opened his and helped anyone else.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


wake up
Aiden on potty and dressed
Logan – diaper, nurse, dressed
get boys to play
brush teeth
get dressed

potty, diaper
make boys breakfast
turn on Dinosaur Train
clean up breakfast
eat breakfast
quick trip to Walgreen's
nurse Logan – nap
play with Aiden
put in short movie
work on computer

potty, diaper, play
heat leftovers for lunch
make Logan's lunch
eat lunch
boys play/clean up
play with Logan
upstairs for nap time

read story
tell Aiden to lay quite again
nurse Logan – nap
work on computer
naps over
juice & vitamin
much whining
swim lesson

much whining
baths and bed
make Aiden's lunch
relax/ work on computer
go to bed

Friday, January 1, 2010

Digital Layout

Okay, there is lots that I could be catching up on...holidays, Logan turning 9 months, my computer dieing and getting a new one. I hope to get to all of these very soon.

But right now I'm just giddy with excitement because I just created my first ever digital layout! OK it uses a template provided from my current class (DYL at Big Picture Scrapbooking) but still I DID IT!

and here it is:

(Layout and concept provided by Cathy Zielske, Design Your Life workshop at

I'm just loving this. Now back to playing.