Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Logan - 10 months

Logan is just a couple days shy of 10 months. Here's what he's doing:

First off he pulled himself to his feet today!

He's been developing his motor skills of late. Sat himself up on 12/30, crawled on hands and knees 1/10 though he still prefers the army crawl, pulled to knees on 1/12 and now on his feet today. He's getting into everything!

Says "ba ba ba" all the time
plays peek-a-boo
plays with toys on his own and with Aiden
sleeps really well and eats good
is learning to drink form a cup...likes juice!
still drooling constantly but no sign of teeth yet.

A side note, Aiden is all excited for his party on the 31st. Dino themed of course.

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