Tuesday, January 5, 2010


wake up
Aiden on potty and dressed
Logan – diaper, nurse, dressed
get boys to play
brush teeth
get dressed

potty, diaper
make boys breakfast
turn on Dinosaur Train
clean up breakfast
eat breakfast
quick trip to Walgreen's
nurse Logan – nap
play with Aiden
put in short movie
work on computer

potty, diaper, play
heat leftovers for lunch
make Logan's lunch
eat lunch
boys play/clean up
play with Logan
upstairs for nap time

read story
tell Aiden to lay quite again
nurse Logan – nap
work on computer
naps over
juice & vitamin
much whining
swim lesson

much whining
baths and bed
make Aiden's lunch
relax/ work on computer
go to bed

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