Monday, December 17, 2012

Take Twelve

It is once again time for the Take 12 challenge over at Ella Publishing and time for me to post my layout for this month and the final layout for the year! It is so nice to have hung with and completed this project. 
Products: Erica Coombs - Merry Little Christmas mini kit, Ella Publishing take-twelve-guided-inspiration-kit 

Now to decide what to do with these layouts and print them and what projects to do next year. What are your plans?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ten Things - projects to finish

It's the 10th and time to link up with Shimelle for Ten Things. So here is my To Do list of scraping projects to finish/work on in the near future.

1. A Valentine mini album. I had to reprint one of the pictures and have a few other finishing touches left.

2. One Month at a Time 2011 (a Get It Scrapped  series). I have 3 or 4 months that need journaling added. would really like to get this project finished before 2013!!

3. Album kit. I have had this album kit for a few years and now have a plan to use it. This will be an early 2013 project. 

4. Start Logan's preschool pages.
5. Finish Aiden's preschool pages. Here are a couple from his 3's class that I've done recently.

 6. These mini albums which are gifts and so on the top of my list. Also why I don't want to share any details.

 7. Family Weddings albums. I have two weddings to add and a title page.

8. Project Life 2012. This of course doesn't end till the year does but I have a few weeks to catch up on and would like to finish it up quickly after the year ends. I'm also working on a plan for how I want to approach it next year.

9. 2011 Annual Highlights layout to exchange with my SIL. I have all year to do this and still wait to the last minute. I did get a good start on it at a retreat over the weekend so hope to finish it up very soon. 

10. Other unfinished Layouts! I have layouts in various stages of completions. Some need just a little to finish them up others need a lot. Here is a layout that has been on and off my table for a couple of weeks (partly due to Holiday visitors and partly getting stuck and working on something else for a while). 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Take Twelve

It is once again time for the Take 12 challenge over at Ella Publishing and time for me to post my layout for this month.

Products: Persnickety Prints Modern Fall kit, Ella Publishing take-twelve-guided-inspiration-kit 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ten Things- photo shoot

It's time to link up with Shimelle and share Ten Things. Today I'm sharing ten of my favorite photos from our family photo shoot last month with KBG Photography

To see the whole photo shoot click here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Take Twelve

My layout for October. I have for the most part been using the Ella Publishing guide for my picture lists but that was very difficult this month being limited in our Fall here down south. I like my take on the photos and only added two in. 
Products: Creativity by Crystal, Ella Publishing take-twelve-guided-inspiration-kit 
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ten Things - happening lately

Art and Book Club is a fun event held once a month at Aiden's school. This month, Aiden won one of the door prizes and got a copy of the evenings book, I Need My Monster. The boys then drew and painted their own monsters.    

I got my package of goodies in the mail yesterday! I just love the colors. Can't wait to play.       

We met Buddy from Dinosaur Train. There was a special PBS event at Armand Bayou Nature Center with fun activities. The boys just loved it.

Bill and I got new bikes this past weekend.

Working on my Project Life album trying to get caught up.  My classes have distracted me from it quite a bit but I would like it to be caught up at Thanksgiving.

Taking a couple of scrapbooking classes at BPC. The one I won just finished up and I took a short 4 week class to help me use some of my more recent new stuff.

I've been volunteering at Aiden's school, work for his teacher and in the lunch room. It is nice to get to see what he'll be working on and art work in the hallway.

A cousin had her baby shower a week ago and we've been/will be helping them more.  Her due date is creeping up. Such fun!

I'm losing nap time.   Logan has not wanted to nap for the last while and is more difficult/not sleeping well at night when he does. Aiden started this at the same age.  

The boys had their school pictures taken recently and we will be having family portraits done next week.   

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Monday, September 24, 2012

One year ago

It has been on my mind lately that we are coming up on a year in our house. So it wasn't a surprise that I pulled out moving pictures to work on tonight. What was a surprise was realizing that is was exactly one year  ago today! To read all about our crazy moving day check out this post.

So after a year, we still totally love this house and have really made it a home. There are still some boxes to take care of, an office to figure out and we hope to have a few more things on the wall before family visit this fall. We're loving it here!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Take Twelve

My Sept layout. I love that I am able to get this finished each month.


Products:  LivEdesigns SSunFun kit, Ella Publishing take-twelve-guided-inspiration-kit 
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Ten Things - First Day of School

This year brought us big changes with Aiden starting kindergarten. We have definitely been going through an adjustment period with the schedule changes. Another change was that the boys did not start school the same week. So here are 10 pictures from their first days for Shimelle's 10 things this month.

 Taking the bus for day 2
 I helped out at lunch the first week.

Logan all ready to start his Sea Turtle class.

Had a great first day.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Baking muffins with Logan

Needed to use up some bananas so Logan helped me make muffins. Tried this recipe
My little helper

yum Banana muffins!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Take Twelve

My layout for August. I ended up changing one of the items on the list just so I could include my new, super cute bird house. 

Products: Persnickety Prints Sun and Sea Free kit, Ella Publishing take-twelve-guided-inspiration-kit 
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ten Things

For this month's Ten Things I'm going to do a highlight of our recent vacation.
 Picking veggies from the garden. The boys were really impressed with the garden (don't think they ever saw a real one) and was asking what each plant was.

 Having fun at the Mall of America.

 Sea Life at the Mall of America.
 Helping Grandpa plant some flowers

Checking out the Dino's at the MN Zoo. It was only like 98F this day. So much for getting away from the heat.

 Visiting the puppies and Uncle Kev.

 Hanging with cousins...Elizabeth
and Carmine

 Helping Grandma and hanging outside. Temps are much better.
Seeing the Twins at their new stadium.

Ten Things is part of Shimelle's10 Things.