Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ten Things

For this month's Ten Things I'm going to do a highlight of our recent vacation.
 Picking veggies from the garden. The boys were really impressed with the garden (don't think they ever saw a real one) and was asking what each plant was.

 Having fun at the Mall of America.

 Sea Life at the Mall of America.
 Helping Grandpa plant some flowers

Checking out the Dino's at the MN Zoo. It was only like 98F this day. So much for getting away from the heat.

 Visiting the puppies and Uncle Kev.

 Hanging with cousins...Elizabeth
and Carmine

 Helping Grandma and hanging outside. Temps are much better.
Seeing the Twins at their new stadium.

Ten Things is part of Shimelle's10 Things.

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JulieJ said...

That dino looks amazing. My DD would love that place.