Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Week

Logan and I got a walk around the lake in and saw this bird catch some fish.

Logan drew a family portrait. 

We went out to lunch for playgroup.

The boys went to a Birthday Party and stayed up late on Friday night.

Bill and I had a date night and a yummy dinner.

 Grandpa also had a birthday, more cake and ice cream.

We also had our last swim lesson till the Fall and Bill got out to play golf twice this week.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

This Week...

or more like this month;

Logan had a play group at Chuck E Cheese.

We went to Art and Book Club. The boys are making bugs from their names. 

The boys got some game time in. 

 Logan did this 100 large piece puzzle mostly on his own. I helped with sorting and the edge.

 I help with the booth our MOMS Club had at Aiden's school Carnival. The boys had lots of fun playing the games there.
 A walk to the buss stop. Just love to capture pictures like this.

Chaperoned for Aiden's school field trip to the Wildlife Park. 

 Getting cuddles first thing on a Saturday morning.

 Moved our bird feeders to a new location. The birds seem to approve.

 Spent the weekend working in the yard. We now have the back yard pretty much done. The roses now look so much better with no weeks and fresh mulch. Now to move on to the front.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A sketch and a challenge

A couple more layouts.
First one of Shimelle's sketches.
Here's the sketch
scrapbooking sketch by shimelle laine @

and my layout, a two page spread.

Journaling:  Aiden,  when it came to your birthday it was all about the presents. I felt bad that we didn't have a cake but you didn't even seem to notice. You had doughnuts at school, playtime and frozen yogurt with friends, a fun day at the Museum, dinner with family and lots of presents.

 Next a title free challenge which was actually easy with this one. I didn't have a good place to put one or more to say then the obvious name of the Museum which is in the journaling.
Journaling: This was a really great visit to the Children's Museum. One highlight was the Grocery Store. We stopped by twice. Aiden had fun taking the list around, shopping for the items on it and checking out. Logan just grabbed whatever he wanted and played at the checkout. They both did a good job helping me put all the food away. 

The other main highlight was the Water Works. We didn't spend much time here on our last visit so the boys were happy to be able to play for awhile. Didn't even get all that wet.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Layouts for the 2005 album

Here are two more layouts to go in the 2005 album I'm trying to finish for the play along.

This one was made to fill in an open space. I was trying to use up some old paper I had lots of. The background is overlapping strips with the bottom edges curled up a bit. It was a bit more work than what I was planning for this page. I do like the end result, lots of texture. 

These pictures came from a rare event. We came home from a weekend away and discover the branch had broke while we were gone. We were just glad that there was no damage to anything. 

I have one more layout from 2005 and that year is finished. 2006 is also in this album but that has a bit more work to get done. I'm very happy with the progress I've made even though I'm not completely finishing it. I'm putting it aside to work on more current stories but do plan to continue printing pictures needed and setting up page kits to work on and off on. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Am I 4 or still 3?"

Logan started asking shortly after Aiden's birthday in early February. So the answer was "still 3" for quite awhile and then the end of March came and it changed to "now you're 4".
The other one Logan would ask (and still asking) "is it March my birthday month?" thinking that the whole month was for him. He didn't get a whole month (though it felt that way) but the celebrations do spread out over the week.

 Wed - going up front for Chapel at preschool.

Thur - Having cupcakes with playgroup friends and getting a couple presents.  (We also had our MOMS Club Spring Party with more yummy treats.)

Friday (the big day) - bringing treats for his classmates
 and having yummy cupcakes at home. Lots of phone calls.

Sunday - party day - so that Daddy would be home (from work trip) and Grandparents arrived for a visit could join us.
 I was pretty excited about the cake and decorations. Logan pick out the cake and wanted Star Wars Angry Birds. So I took some of Aiden's Star Wars decorations we used (cut Darth Vader on the Cricut BTW) and some of their Angry Bird toys to have on the counter.
Found a 4 candle Angry Bird set (perfect) and some Star Wars cupcake toppers I saved (from Auntie Tina) and called it a success.
He seemed quite happy too.
Just glad that we were OK to drop the Dinosaurs...not sure how I would have fit them in :)

Monday - an additional present arrived

Happy 4 year old Boy!