Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aiden's last day of Preschool and Graduation

There wasn't a family picnic this year on the last day but Aiden's class was having one with parents invited. It was actually much nicer to just hang out with his class for a short time then the whole school.

 Eating lunch


 One of the Moms sent out sheets for each student to share what they loved about their teachers with words and pictures and made them up in to a book to give them.

We then picked up Logan from his class..
I think he had a fun day...the class had an Ice cream treat.

After naps and a early/quick dinner we got ready for graduation.
A gift from mom and dad

 All dressed up

They had a really good program of which I video recorded most of and once I relearn how to pull still shots from it will have more pictures. They sang several songs and handed out diplomas (which were given right back). I manged to get through it without crying but came close once. 

 Getting a diploma and hugs from his teachers

Teacher Gifts

With this being Aiden's last year at Happy Harbour and not doing anything for the Angelfish (Logan's) teachers when Aiden had them, I decided to do something for gifts this year to say Thank you. I searched for something nice but simple and came across this at write click scrap (printables available).
Here's how mine turned out.

My first one done, pretty happy with how it turned out and the fudge was very yummy.

 All wrapped up ready for the last day of school.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother’s Day Tea

On May 10th, Aiden’s class put on a Mother’s Day Tea.

05 10 12_1098_edited-1

First we had our picture taken and then found out seats. Aiden’s memory book for the year was there to look at. The teachers did a wonderful job on it.

05 10 12_1103

Aiden then served us a yummy snack.
01 01 05_1104

 The class sang this cute little song to us. 

01 01 05_1090_edited-1
And the card for me.