Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Am I 4 or still 3?"

Logan started asking shortly after Aiden's birthday in early February. So the answer was "still 3" for quite awhile and then the end of March came and it changed to "now you're 4".
The other one Logan would ask (and still asking) "is it March my birthday month?" thinking that the whole month was for him. He didn't get a whole month (though it felt that way) but the celebrations do spread out over the week.

 Wed - going up front for Chapel at preschool.

Thur - Having cupcakes with playgroup friends and getting a couple presents.  (We also had our MOMS Club Spring Party with more yummy treats.)

Friday (the big day) - bringing treats for his classmates
 and having yummy cupcakes at home. Lots of phone calls.

Sunday - party day - so that Daddy would be home (from work trip) and Grandparents arrived for a visit could join us.
 I was pretty excited about the cake and decorations. Logan pick out the cake and wanted Star Wars Angry Birds. So I took some of Aiden's Star Wars decorations we used (cut Darth Vader on the Cricut BTW) and some of their Angry Bird toys to have on the counter.
Found a 4 candle Angry Bird set (perfect) and some Star Wars cupcake toppers I saved (from Auntie Tina) and called it a success.
He seemed quite happy too.
Just glad that we were OK to drop the Dinosaurs...not sure how I would have fit them in :)

Monday - an additional present arrived

Happy 4 year old Boy!

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Melissa said...

I think spreading out the birthday for the month sounds like a great idea! :>)