Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moving Day

Sept 24th  was our moving day!
With the delayed closing our moving day got delayed as well. We were still able to use our movers but not till late afternoon and the truck we were getting from the Realtor for two days was switched to a U-haul for the morning. On our way to get the U-haul, we stopped by the new house to take a look around. We then encountered our first bump of the day.  We could only get into the garage! The door to the house had been locked when it should have been left open. Happily that was fixed by the time we were coming back with the U-haul. The next bump was having to cut down some tree limbs to get the truck into the driveway without damage. We (with the help of Brian and Tiff (thank you so much!)) were able to quickly get the boxes in the garage into the truck (so glad that I moved a lot out there) and some from the office and closet. We got a good load in before we needed to unload (Brian and Tiff had a shower to get to, we need to return the truck and get back for naps and cable apt).

 The afternoon was quite. The boys slept till they woke up, I finished packing, started cleaning and fill the trunk of my car with clothes. Bill was at the new house with the TV waiting for the cable guy to show up.

Lots and lots of movies would entertain the boys for the day.

So bump 3 &4 - The movers were stuck in traffic and wouldn't be there till about 6 pm and Bill was still waiting long after the two hour window given.

The movers were later than expected but did a wonderful job. Bill picked up dinner for us (still no cable guy).

Hungry boys eating around 6:30pm. They did really well staying out of the way of the movers and playing on their own.

I got my truck unloaded and Bill finally got a call from the cable guy. He went back to meet him (with stuff loaded into his truck)
The movers got most of our stuff in the truck in one load. I don't remember if it was 8:30 or 9:30 when we left to unload. The boys finally got to bed around 11/ 11:30 pm and the movers finished just before midnight.  Bill and I weren't done though. We still had to get the rest of the stuff out of the house and finish cleaning. I had gotten the upstairs done while the movers were loading but had the downstairs left. It was a late late night. We finally got to sleep around 4 am and the boys didn't sleep in. Sunday was a very laid back day with naps and early bedtimes.

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