Sunday, June 9, 2013

This week...

was Aiden's last week of school, his Kindergarten graduation and our start of summer break.

Monday was Aiden's graduation All the Kindergarten students sang several songs as a group and then sat down in front of us to watch a slide show. Aiden happened to sit in front of our seats. We then headed to the classrooms for diplomas and awards.
After the festivities, we took Aiden out of school for the rest of the day and had a fun lunch before Daddy went back to work. 

 The boys did the free LEGO mini build.

 Thursday was Aiden's last day and a half day of school. We meet up with some classmates at a splash pad and the boys had lots of fun.
 A treat to start Summer with. I need lots of decorating practice! but it was very yummy.
 Balloon animals they got while at dinner.

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Melissa said...

Looks like it was a fun week & a great start to summer! I finished my teaching job on May 16, so I feel like I've already several weeks of summer. It'll be even more so next week when my twin nieces arrive for their summer visit.