Friday, September 4, 2009

This week

This week:
Mon - Aiden had his first day of school and it went great.

Tue - Aiden had a Dr appt and ended up getting a flu shot. We went to McDonald's for lunch so he could go down the slide. Bill worked late that night but made it home to read Aiden his bedtime story. At the Dr's, Aiden weighed in at 34lbs and a quick check on Logan was 14lbs.

Wed - Aiden was sick in the morning and missed school. Logan spit-up all over my shirt. Aiden tripped and his cheek grazed a shelf corner at Target. It didn't bleed but he has a nice bruise. Bill had to be to work early and worked a little late. He had volleyball, won one, lost one.

Thur - Bill went into work early again and Logan woke up early. Aiden was really tired and cranky throughout the day only a little better after his nap. My scrapbooking class started(online) and we checked out a place for swim lessons for Aiden. The boys had playgroup in the afternoon and I had a much needed mom's night out and went to see The Time traveler's Wife (great book, great movie) with the girls.

Fri - The boys and I did a mall walk and lunch with friends in the morning. After dinner we all went for a walk around the block. The weather has been fairly decent lately. Now the boys are sleeping and Bill and I are relaxing.

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