Thursday, October 1, 2009


This past weekend we had a great time getting up close with some elephants. We went to the elephant open house at the Houston zoo. It started with a training demo and we got to see an elephant stand on its head. We then walked around the elephant barn and saw their toys and other info on them.

Aiden had a great time hanging with the elephants. Here we are at the back of their area, a small space between the barn and their exhibit. This is an area you don't get to on a regular zoo visit... so neat.

One highlight-- Washing Methia! Aiden loved this! I had fun too.

Once we were done, Aiden ran over to Bill and said "we washed the elephant, we washed the elephant." We got this on video and Aiden still enjoys watching it.

Methia walked around for all to touch her through the bars. Bill and I had never touched an elephant before so this was fun for all of us.

We ended with a picture with Methia.

The elephants had not been out the last few times I had been to the zoo with Aiden so he was real excited to see them. He kept talking about washing the elephant and wanting to see the picture we got.

Now as Aiden see the pictures... "The mommy and daddy elephant are big and the baby elephant, he's small."

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