Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I'm learning and some great templates.

My scrapbooking class only has a few weeks left. I have much more then that of work left but am going at a good pace. Here are a few of the things I'm learning.

Asymmetrical Balance - the two halves are not the same but are still balanced

Sketch 1 - had to do a layout for both boys.

- we also see repetition and a visual triangle

Sketch 2 - A great template to highlight a birthday. I was also happy to get this one done before Aiden's 3ed party. :)

Repetition - repeating something

in a mini album

This was very fun and I plan to expand it to include more of our family members so be warned, you will be asked to gimme 5. :) and yes I know I still need to fill this in.

White Space - open space
This is another digital layout. I'm getting better with them.

(Layouts and concepts provided by Cathy Zielske, Design Your Life workshop at

Well these are some of the class assignments that I have finished. It been a great class!

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