Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet the teacher

Today Aiden had his meet the teacher day. This year he is in the 3 year old, MWF, Sea Turtle class with Ms Tracie & Ms Dee. Aiden was somewhat hesitant about today. He was happy to know that I was staying with him today. He kept close to me when we got to the classroom and didn't want to talk to the teachers much. He did a little better when the one student he knew from last year arrived and then was his usually self when he saw the animals and letters on the rug after checking out the room.  

Logan even got in on the coloring.

Aiden sat with some of his friends during the chapel afterword and danced and sang with them. I think this helped even more, that not everything was new and different.  

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Carol Ann said...

New rooms and teachers can be stressful. Positive adjustments now mean easier adjustments later. Grandma Carol is very proud!