Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrapping goodies

My LSS (local scrapbook store) had their garage sale last weekend. This is were crafters can rent table space to sell unwanted items and earn store credit. I did pretty good this year.
Everything that I came home with. Lots of unopened items!

This was all in one bag for $13. My highest priced item and best deal. I think there are only one or two stickers missing and everything in here would add up to way more then 13. Also it is very boy!
 I really love finding things that I want to try out but wouldn't ever pay full price for since I don't know how well I'll use or like it.

Other news on the crafting front...
I'm working on a mini album from Aiden's Birthday party last year. I'm very close to finishing it, yeah! Planning this years really help modivate me to get started. I hope to get some pictures up soon. I've also been working on some holiday layouts from this year and last year and will share one of those soon.

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Carol Ann said...

That looks like a lot of loot and I can imagine how much fun it will be to put them together.