Monday, July 30, 2012

Dimensional Details

As you may know, I have taken a few classes at Big Picture Classes but usually only one of the bigger classes from their 4Experts series each year. So I missed Nic Howard's Dimensional Details workshop in 2010. Then this year it was being re-run with expanded material but I still passed and took Twelve instead to  help me work on layouts to fill in my Library. So it was to my great surprise to notice as I was linking my July Take Twelve layout to the Ella Publishing blog that I WON the challenge in June (see my winning layout at the bottom). I won a spot in Nic's workshop. The only problem was that the class had already started at the beginning of July. It took a week (very long week) to get everything worked out and placed in the workshop which happened last Wednesday. So I had one day to catch up on 3 weeks of information before the new week 4 material came out Thursday. So here are my first layouts from the workshop based on the week 4 material. I may eventually go back and do some layouts from the material I missed.

I tried sanding the edges of the pictures to get a white border and the middle picture is popped up a little higher then the other two. 

This went together really quick since it's papers are from the same kit as the first layout. They were laying out on my table and worked so I went with it. I added the buttons in last and before hand it just didn't look right.  This is a great design to showcase these random photo shoot photos.  

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