Friday, March 15, 2013

An album reorganization and plans to finish in 30 days.

A few days after reading  Noell's  Paperclipping Play Along  post on completing a scrapbook album in less than 30 days and having Melissa's album post on my mind for the last while, I thought it was time that I did something about my albums. I have been using the LOM approach but something was just not working right with my albums so I pulled my Things We Do and Celebrations albums to put back together in a loose chronological order. I also pulled some layouts from other albums that didn't fit well there.

I had a big mess on the floor for the afternoon and evening but am really happy with the result especially for most of the pre LOM layouts (before 2009).  Those just didn't fit the themes well.  

So to play along and finish an album, I pulled the earliest album which has 2005-2007 along with some 2004 in it.

I am pulling all the 2004 layouts to put in the 2004 album I have (no idea why they weren't in there some really old stuff!) 

I pulled  what pictures I have printed from 2005 and 2006 and went through those years to see where I had gaps and what stories I wanted to add. Focusing on 2005, I have 5 open pages/stories and have finished 2 of the layouts. 

There are only a few anniversaries that I have documented in our early years so I'm glad to have the pictures even if I can't remember much of the details.

a simple page to fill in a gap 

It will be great to pull these years from my storage binders and be done, I need to empty it out anyway to have space for new pictures. 

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Melissa said...

Yeah - great job getting going on an album completion! I'm working on our 10th Anniversary Cruise Album for the playalong & I just finished creating tabbed dividers for it. I have the rest of the afternoon free & am going to work on a few more layouts.