Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week In The Life: Wednesday

7:15 : happy wake up.
7:40 : saying bye to daddy

9:30 : dropping Aiden off at school

10:40: nap time = computer time/craft time

1:55 : Aiden getting a Band Aid on a scraped knee from school

4:00 : hosting a MOMS Club Earth Day craft. We made coffee filter earths.

6:05 : heading upstairs to play and get ready for bed.

some of Aiden's artwork from school.

Logan playing

7:00 : Aiden's clock goes off (music and lights), Logan pointing at it.

Wednesday has been the hardest day so far. Trying to keep taking pictures but not the exact same ones that I have and keeping up writing notes down. I want to try to add extra thoughts to my notes of our schedule and activities as I go. It's very hard to do what I need to do and get a picture of it. :) In the end, whatever I have will be more then if I didn't try at all!

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